Broad question isn’t it? However, have you asked yourself the same lately? Nope, not what I need, what I want. I wish I could recall who recently posed this question in a recent podcast or blog I read. If it was you, please message me and I’ll throw out the credit. It’s amazing to think […]

What Does Healthy Look Like?

Well I’m pretty sure that answer would be different from each person you asked. After a very crazy last couple of weeks, I can say that I forgot about a couple other parts that help make up the healthy in our lives, mental and financial well being can be equally important. For instance, if you […]


Merry Thanksgiving to everyone from sunny So Cal. I’m heading out on holiday tomorrow and thought maybe I’d find more to write about on this topic, but instead I want to leave with no agenda and just be in the moment. So, values it is….. This topic conjures varying emotions from different people. I really […]


Finally on the date with that really nice person you’ve been hoping to spend some time with? Do you ask for a table for three cause your insecurities are surely gonna need a seat at the table? Or, can you actually leave them at home? We all have them, don’t we? Do you know anyone […]

Progress isn’t linear.

So today I went back to work. I managed to hit the Peloton this weekend, put in two miles a day walking and surely this was very good progress!? Today back at work and both my knees hurt. Well for crimeny sakes, what is this all about? Maybe I overdid it? Perhaps I should still […]

Let’s Get to know each other.

I’ll start first with a little about me, You know those women in your lives that never struggled with weight, exercise is for fun or not at all, never worry about the handful of M&M’s they grab while getting some for their kids and worse those same people are satisfied with that one modest handful? […]